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Barber Scissors 
Cuticle Nippers 
Nail Nippers 
Hair Extension Pliers 
Corn & Callus Remover 
Hair Shaper & Shaving Razors 
Pedicure Foot Files 
Professional Razor Eded Scissors 
Thinning Razor Scissors 
House Hold, G.T, Pocket Paper Scissors 
Pushers, Comodos & Cleaners 
Pushers & Elecators 
Titanium Colors 
Safari Color Kits 
Manicure Pedicure & Shear Kits 
Barber Shear Boxes 
Corn Callus Remover & spatula 
Nail Nippers And Nail Tip Cutters 
Pedicure Foot Files And Nail Files 
Barbers Bracelets 
General Scissorsl 

FARICO ENTERPRISES was established in 1963 with the joint efforts of Mr. Abdul Hameed Bhatti and his late father Mr. Haji Abdul Majeed Bhatti. Keeping in view the scientific aspects of quality Beauty implements, the manufacturing in a very short span of time with untiring efforts and the valueable skillsof these gentlemen managed to bring FARICO to a remarkable response and appreciation by the valuable customers from all over the world.

The upgrade in manufacturing procedures, the scientific methods of QC and the professionals management affected the sales of FARICO Amongst the global customers very positively. In order to get best results of the widely spread over business Mr. Abdul Hameed Bhatti, after the completetion of business related studies of his sons re-orgnised FARICO in 1986 and appointed Mr. Amer Hamid Bhatti as the incharge of the exports, Mr. Imran Hameed Bhatti for QC, Mr. Rizwan Hameed Bhatti to manage the accounts and kept the overall command including the manufacturing wing with himself thus steering FARICO into a purely family business.

FE 12046
Str.Bright 9.5cm
FE 12044
Str.Bright 10.5cm
FE 12048
Bright 10cm
FE 12045
Str.Bright 9.5cm
FE 12043
Cvd.Bright 9cm
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